Cask the Musician

Cask poses with a fan…just joking he has no fans.

When he’s not designing digital art and branding identities; Scottish-born singer, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, and performer Cask J. Thomson aka Cask, is working hard to be a large figure in the progressive rock world. He’s still failing though.

Cask first showcased his project Cursed Legacy in 2007 and maintained a small but dedicated fan base with a string of progressive concept albums.

After working with multiple bands and projects as a session musician, Cask returned to writing his own work, releasing LIFE IS A TERMINAL ILLNESS in 2018 to rave reviews, with review from TunedLoud reading  “The insightful lyrics, the dynamic instrumental excursions, the shifting loud and soft backdrops, and the constant attention to the swing of emotional highs and lows, are all coming from that great place above. Every note and beat matters here.  And this is no glossy overproduced soft underbelly progressive rock album.”

 In 2020 Cask released SURVIVING ON BORROWED TIME, the first part of a “tragic trilogy”

“[See What Tomorrow Brings] actually stands out as a perfect example of Cask’s sonic vision and aesthetics, portraying an edgy, yet atmospheric tone with a dark and haunting twist. The song really showcases the artist’s studio skills: this production is balanced, direct and forward-thinking, with a sound that feels refreshingly modern, yet organic and natural like a classic from the golden age of the genre, tipping the hat off to artists such as Katatonia, Anathema or Porcupine Tree, only to mention but a few”


“Cask Thomson provides a unique and awe-inspiring way around the fretboard and his song writing skills are very impressive. Upon listening to his tracks you tend to walk away and study the words in your head. It is very understandable that he aims to make you think differently”


Track after track, on “Life is a Terminal Illness”, Cask certainly proves himself to be a master composer, arranger, lyricist, performer, engineer, and virtually every other role that applies.  “Life is a Terminal Illness” is likely a recording he’ll be remembered for, a milestone in his career, the moment his many roles and skills merged into something larger and all-embracing. At least that’s my take, after two weeks of totally addictive listening. Strictly through headphones!”


“It’s not just a wealth of musical styles or his smooth and expressive voice that have made Thomson such a fine artist. His songs, which range from thoughtful to heavy to poetic, show that he knows exactly what he wants to achieve in this world”