I’m certainly not the messiah or anything more than an armchair privacy advocate, but to supplement my first two articles in DeGoogling my Life (here and part II is here) I figured I’d continue the theme with some suggestions. I am the first one to put my hand up and… Continue Reading A Life Spent Online: Privacy Essentials and What to Look For

After deciding to dump Google (or as much as I could, at least) I figured I’d go through the export of my main personal account that I have had for many years. I’m by no-means an online privacy connoisseur. As stated in the first part of my DeGoogling journal, I… Continue Reading DeGoogling my Life Part II: Exploring Mountains of Extracted Data and Revealing How Much Information I Handed Over

It’s not me, it’s you… Technically part one for me would have been moving to DuckDuckGo and trying to rely a little less on Google for services like maps and cloud storage, but this was the big one for me. An email account — well, actually several accounts spread across… Continue Reading DeGoogling my Life Part I: Moving emails, contacts and calendars from Gmail to Outlook