Good ol’ Bad use of the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool.

There’s no doubting that Rebel Wilson has lost weight and looks good, but it’s hard to silence your critics when Photoshop is used…In this case – badly.

Take a look at this photo as posted by the Daily Mail:

Other than ignoring the caution sign that tells you to hold the handrail at all times, there’s something off about the photo. Take a closer look at the black rubber trim on the trailer and you’ll see some terrible clone stamp/healing tool use. The seams on the dress don’t line up as a result.

I’m not into celebrity gossip and I am certainly not saying she has been doctored to look skinnier — as it’s very likely the “airbrushing” was used to cover up a crease or stain in the dress, but it’s a pretty amateur and easily spotted mistake. Yeah, yeah, who cares? It’s Photoshop and everyone is using it or similar applications or filters to look better – but it’s a moderately amusing failure either way.


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